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Perfect for any evening purse, agenda or attaché, Sensa's new Minx collection is the edge of fashion.    
Every MINX pen is provide with a handsome genuine leather sleeve embossed with SENSA logo.    
All SENSA ball point pens feature the Fisher Space Pen refill which writes upside down and in outer space.

EXTINCT        32304 SENSA MINX Iris Violet Ball Point Pen                                 $ 27.55


       EXTINCT    34305 MINX Crystal Silver Ball Point with PDA Stylus     $ 27.55

       EXTINCT    34306 MINX Carbon Black Ball Point with PDA Stylus     $ 27.55


   EXTINCT        33311 MINX Champagne & Gold Ball Point     $ 27.55        
   EXTINCT        33308 MINX Noir & Gold Ball Point                $ 27.55      

       EXTINCT     32305 MINX Crystal Silver Ball Point               $ 27.55     

       EXTINCT     30306 MINX Carbon Black Ball Point               $ 27.55     

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   EXTINCT        32352 MINX Pink ! Ball Point                        $ 27.55

   EXTINCT        32307 MINX Geneva Gold Ball Point              $ 27.55            

   EXTINCT        32315 MINX Aspen Teal Silver Ball Point        $ 27.55            
   EXTINCT        32314 MINX Concord Ball Point                      $ 27.55

  EXTINCT   28006 MINX Leather Case Only                            $ 15.00

  EXTINCT   68000 MINX Replacement PDA Stylus                    $ 3.80